test from scribefire

Ok, how does one balance being connected and being un-connected/un-reachable? Should I use Google gears to traverse rss feeeds on my train-ride home, or should I read connected using my 3G fixed rate modem? Do I really need the ScribeFire offline blog posting client? Yes, I think so. I think I am slightly stresseed by composing ”online”, even though I see wordpress make frequent automatic draft-saves.

Hm. How do you balance?

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En kommentar på “test from scribefire

  1. Since I almost alway carry my laptop around, with built in WWAN (mobile broadband), I tend to be always connected. Nevertheless, occasionally I catch up on my feeds using Bloglines mobile version (browser in my ”phone”). Increasingly I also use Windows Live Write to compose post, even when I am online. WLW simplifies the editing process as well as managing a number of my blogs using one interface/login procedure. Have not tried ScribeFire.



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