What are Mormors-hallon?

A few years back, a year or two after having moved into my current house & garden, I decided to plant a hedge of raspberry bushes. Raspberries – the best tasting berries! I love them and my family loves strolling up and eating directly from the bushes in July. I set out researching different varietes, and ended up choosing a very old and rare Swedish variety called Mormors-hallon described
by odla.nu as:

Mormors hallon – mycket välsmakande, en gammal sort med oklart ursprung, sorten är som våra övriga sorter virustestad, fri från virus trots sin ålder. Ej nogräknad på jordmån. Lätt – Lera. Zon I-VI

A year or two later a decided to start this blog, christened it Mormors-hallon, and then nothing happened. Not on this blog. Neither in my garden. Mormors-hallon don’t produce. Not in my garden. They grow tiny and few, and are very prone to being eaten by a variety of other creeps before I get to them. This coming spring I will replant and this time choose a different variety, bigger berries, more resistant to the pests we get in my neck of the woods. Will report back on this next summer as the new hedge has had time to settle a little.

2 kommentarer på “What are Mormors-hallon?

  1. Mormors Hallon crop very well if they are in full sun and get a lot of good nutrition and plenty of water and given a few years to establish themselves. Then later in the fall they produce a second crop. Raspberries need lots of water to produce big, tasty berries.



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