Unthinkable Futures

Unthinkable Futures

* Computer screens (both CRT and flat screens) are found to be dangerous to the health. Working at a computer is viewed as a toxic job. 

I used to work at a management consaltancy (Sifo Management Group – SMG – folded in 2003) specializing in scenario planning. Scenario planning was born in Silicon Valley and Eno/Kelly were often part of the creative team. In this article Kelly re-publishes an excercise in challanging probabilities:

This list of unthinkable futures — probabilities we tend to dismiss without thinking — was published 15 years ago in the Summer, 1993  issue of Whole Earth Review. Our intent was less  to correctly predict the future (thus the silliness) and more to predict how unpredictable the actual future would be. 

”Improbability is still a strong bias to overcome.” Yes, it is. The key to making good scenarios, and thus making the entire scenario process worthwhile. According to my own limited experience. One day, I’ll work this area again.


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