The Future of Microblogging | A Stubborn Mules Perspective

The Future of Microblogging | A Stubborn Mules Perspective

Ok, many before me pointed to this post. It’s exiting to observe in real time as important architectural decisions are made. Shall Microbloggin (Twitter, Jaiku and the others) be island communities much like the IM systems (Google Talk, MSN Messanger etc) or will we see standard based interoperability such as it emerged in the email world?

3 kommentarer på “The Future of Microblogging | A Stubborn Mules Perspective

  1. I am registred as ‘dkmj’ in the community. Have stopped twittering altogether. But,I look forward to getting in touch with some from within the twitter user base, again. Miss you guys. Will bridges, interoperability, be reached, will them twits leave twitter as I did and homestead on a federated standards based server instead… or will I, we, live out here in federated isolation?



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