Hey kids – get off of my lawn

Hey kids – get off of my lawn

A very interesting conversation on the merits of top-down vs bottom-up standardization ”on the web”. Somehow IETF is considered big and slow and in the way. And a Microsoft employee argues the IETF route wanting to ban ”standards” produced by ”Google emplyees in their spare time”.

Steve’s post only hints at what and why and how is at stake, please listen to his Gillmor gang conversation for the lowdown on how OAuth, OpenSocial and other useful standards make it or don’t make it into widespred and accepted use by large and small web entities. What’s your take on this Paf?


En kommentar på “Hey kids – get off of my lawn

  1. Without having listened to ”the thing” (I have no idea when I should have time to do that), my only comment is that sure, IETF like any SDO is heavy. Extremely heavy. And similarly, like any SDO nowadays it is not much of a body where invention is to be done. Instead, the SDO is like a review board that verifies that whatever one comes up with is good enough. Do the spec cover everything needed? Is the security considerations ok? Does it use other standards in a proper way? Is there interoperability between implementations? Is an IANA registry needed?

    All of those questions, and more, must be answered, and of course it sometimes sounds and feels ”heavy” when what one might want is ”just a way to publish some XML”.



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