Sorting and storing digital stuff for the upcoming…

These days, a sizeable share of time spent packing (watch the real action over at, and my notes at is spent finding chargers and making space on hard drives for pictures to be taken, and selecting what audio books to be read, or rather listened to.

Sorting, I came upon evidence of a prior journey, one made 20 years ago, to the island of Siberut. Some pictures – scanned Velvia slides. Enjoy!

Gone fishin’

Hi all

Soon I’ll be sailing on the – looking forward to learning, exploring, contributing, contemplating, tacking and more.

At this time, it’s still unclear what bandwidth will be available when we’re at see or when we’re moored on one or other beautiful island. It’s also unclear if I’ll be guest blogging on Jespers blog, or writing on ‘Kulturbäraren’, or simply be tweeting. Or updating this space? I’ll bring a camera, I’ll bring a keyboard, but these will not be the focus of my attention – my fellow crew members and life’s great beauty (and the occasional storm) will be. But don’t be surprised if there’s a picture or two, and a rambling story or three. Stories are, after all, one of the focuses of the projects we take part in.