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Sveriges bästa låtskrivare (rockpoet) kommer så sakteliga ut. Nu på YouTube, och om ett par veckor spelar han på Mosebacke. Att det inte går att köpa biljetter (vare sig Oscar eller Mosebacke vet hur) är lite arketypiskt. Det löser sig. Som Oscar skulle sagt, eller, faktiskt, sade, i mail till vännen Stefan.

Äntligen! Oscar. Jag ser fram emot att möta dig på riktigt för första gången den 6 november. Kommer att sjunga med i alla låtar, om det är ok, minus de nya du utlovat. De kan jag av förklarliga skäl inte. Än.



TidBITS Opinion: No, David Pogue, Ebook Piracy is Not a Given

TidBITS Opinion: No, David Pogue, Ebook Piracy is Not a Given

This is a follow-up to my muddled explanatory powers of the earlier post about ”Rip it, Burn it or Buy it!”. Adam explains better than I’ve seen before the likely mechanisms of digital delivery of electronic goods, and how it helps many businesses. He gives us many of the techniques he uses to sell (to date) more than 400.000 copies of DRM free mac books with almost no illicit sharing.

…”Why are his books being shared illicitly whereas ours are not? Certainly, some of it has to do with us providing an easy, inexpensive way for interested readers to purchase the electronic versions they want, and all the little things we do to discourage rampant copying undoubtedly help as well”

Thanks Adam – a great read!

IT Conversations: danah boyd

IT Conversations: danah

I think Anyone will be captured by the energy this woman outputs. First podcast in years that I listened to twice, and will listen to again as I drive up north into mountain country with my family. Helps that I was always a ‘social informatics’ buff. The stuff she covers is dynamite. I need to stop being the wizard around my family and friends. It’s not them who are mugglars, it’s me.


Han tar en tugga…

Oscars blogg är det underfundigaste jag känner till just nu. Senaste inlägget är humor. Det innan  är ironi. Mannen kan skriva. Han är samtidigt musiker och låtskrivare. Hans senaste platta är den enda jag har i musikmappen på min N95, 2Gbyte minne till trots. Och Dagmar ska jag gå till boklådan för att köpa så fort jag är sjuk från den här himla flunsan.

Time for cleanup

I realized, what does one put on the blog-thing anyway? Recommendations, reference-points, maybe warnings, and amusements, as high level categories. I KNOW I’ve left one or two important out, but will add them later and clean up in the  scheme right now. As well as add links to something I particularly recommend this morning – RadioLab from New York. First Laughter episode of season 4 just came out. Rats can laugh too! And also include a me-link to http://www.teldok.se, a site i work on togeather with Stefan Görling, a collegue at KTH.

…they were being trained and coached in a subterranean way.

Shaping in unconscious ways Another great KK post, this time on how available patterns shape/prepare in a great effortless way. I’ll make a point of being persistent in just showing how much I like something by doing it, doing it, making the pattern and the love I have for that particular activity, apparent to my son. Wether he joins or not, shows appreciation/interest or not. Later in life, if he gets the urge, the pattern will be right there for hom to build upon. I never really understood how and why I am as much like my