Too much data ruins the investigation, every time.

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Too much data ruins the investigation, every time.

Yep. Så är det. Medan hela världen ”jag har inget att dölja” rusar vidare på väg ned i det svarta hålet. 

Vitt? Svart? Grått! Balans. Lagom. Kontroll. Transparens. Ge polisen och den militära underrättelsetjänsten bättre resurser att göra riktigt grävande arbete där det är motiverat istället för att fylla alla databaser from here to hell med mer och mer brus.

Time for cleanup

I realized, what does one put on the blog-thing anyway? Recommendations, reference-points, maybe warnings, and amusements, as high level categories. I KNOW I’ve left one or two important out, but will add them later and clean up in the  scheme right now. As well as add links to something I particularly recommend this morning – RadioLab from New York. First Laughter episode of season 4 just came out. Rats can laugh too! And also include a me-link to, a site i work on togeather with Stefan Görling, a collegue at KTH.