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How Dropbox ended my search for seamless sync on Linux

I use a Macbook as my main machine. Also have a Mac in the basement to to heavy lifting of photo editing. And the kitchen-computer is a Mac. But there is also a Vista box down there in the basement that still holds many years of windows formatted data. And an Ubuntu laptop. And my son’s got a Linux box with Tuxpaint, too.

Most of these computers don’t move around much but the Macbook occasionally (daily!) travells to work. And sometimes I need to share files in smaller contexts, such as when working with Teldok20 or with my choir. Or when visiting my folks to patch their computer.

Nothing large, no enterprise requirements. Simple file sharing. In some of these scenarios, some of the time, it would be swell to have seamless cloud storage. It seems, according to Ars, that dropbox delivers. I am going to try. Macbook and Linux laptop are up, and an invitation is sent out to one trusted sceptical friend. Would he rather that we use  ‘da drupal’? Ars has an answer to why Dropbox might be a better alternative. I don' know yet.

Peter Nõu @dkmj