A lounge is a strange place

in the finnair lounge awaiting my connection to seoul, I notice a wall full of snowcrash sound panels. beauty! nostalgia kicks in. I also notice that the firewall doesn’t allow for Facebook (?) and that different folks consume free alcohol in different ways. this is a quiet lounge, large but (thanks to the sound wave panels?) quite subdued. peoples of different nationalities are hunching over snacks, sipping drinks. some consume. others sip, and yet others abstain. there’s a Swedish cabinet minister over there who is probably a little self conscious. there are loads of Korean nationals waiting for the same plane I will be boarding in about one hour.

if Facebook was allowed, I guess this kind of time killing rambling would go there! now it sticks to my blog wall instead. I allow myself another hour before focusing again, on the presentation that is due Monday morning. 30 slides must come down to 15, but most importantly I will have to practice, actually talk out loud to counter the expected stage fright. I am usually quite ok speaking in public, but this audience is more senior than anyone I spoke to before, so I guess a little nervousness is called for and quite appropriate. don’t want to make neither myself, my employer nor ‘Sweden’ disappointed, at least not in the presentation part.

more later

Peter Nõu @dkmj