Spotted in the wild...

This morning on the commuter train, I overheard a teenage daughter calling out to her mother (sitting a few seats away):

“Mom, I got this offer for 50kr at Twilfit, what’s this, should I click the link?”

Her mom, who is one of my neighbours and was sitting across from me, hesitated and then said “No, don’t, sounds scary.”

I hesitated, but then decided to break the silence an volunteer a suggestion ‘It’s safe, sounds safe, let her have it’. The mom decided to trust me on this and changed the recommendation to her daughter who promptly clicked the link and was off investigating the Wrapp ecosystem with the friends that surrounded her at the train.

Meanwhile, her mom and I had started talking, me explaining the Wrapp concept and her extrapolating into possible good and bad use cases, shaming among the teenage crowd who live by shopping and giving each other gifts. Who’ll get the biggest gift? What girl will be shamed by getting a Clas Olsson gift, or no gift at all? And me trying to recount the logic as explained by Wrapp customers on stage at Wrapp HQ one week earlier as their recent investment was announced.

It was the first time I heard of Wrapp in the wild. A taste of how successful the app/the concept might become among its core audience, and how its ‘use’ might have more layers that the accounting logs say to Wrapp staff and/or Twilfit marketing department might see. Anthropologists needed here, in the not so distant future?

Speculating further.. But it was a first “in the wild” sighting of a new wrapp/app/phenonena, and as such it needs to be recorded here or somewhere. I think. History is important.

Peter Nõu @dkmj