Speed, speed, speed

Listening to Radiolab latest episode ‘Speed’ at 3x no problem whatsoever to cunsume understand reflect at this speed, unless mind wanders. Recommended. Focus. Audio I/O capacity is much under-utilized. Give it a try. Only music segments ger f-ed up, speach is perfectly listenable.

Remembering mid 90s as I visited John Thakara’s Doors of Perception, with title Speed speed speed. Andreas and Gustaf and many more. Met with Thakara again last summer. Hope to do this again in 2013, possibly through the Shift connection.

Often want to speed up up people in meetings. Do you? So that there’d be ‘time for’ more silence and actual thinking

And yesterday, consumed (also in triple speed) The Long Now foundation’s excellent podcast, this time on the Eater Island ‘collapse’ that turned out to be no collapse at all, or at least not the collapse that Jared and many westerners before him described, but instead the classical ‘germs’ (viruses) catastrophe when first westerners arrived.

I’m waiting for something to happen, can you tell? Passing time? At östra waiting for the 1605 to leave for Österskär and my regular Tuesday pick-up-son-in-school.

Cheers peter

Peter Nõu @dkmj